Why We’re the Best

Why Our Tours Are The Best!

San Antonio sits southwest of Austin, right in the heart if South Texas. Known for its eclectic and vibrant culture, the city harbors a dark history, making it one of the most haunted cities in the United States. Our tour is not interested in the same old familiar accounts of history that can be gleaned from any tour guide or history book. We seek to uncover the hidden truths.

Historical buildings with fascinating histories and stunning architectural designs are merely the start of this haunted exploration of San Antonio’s dark past. Our paranormal historians have compiled an exhaustive list of stories and strange occurrences to give you a much more troubling version of Texas history than you read about in your history book. These are the stories they don’t teach you in school or tell you in tour brochures. These are the stories that they don’t want you to know.

Our ghost tours feature unparalleled supernatural and historical research to delve deep into the annals of American history. Authenticity is vital to the experience of a well-crafted ghost tour, which is why we take our research very seriously. The stories you will encounter here have been thoroughly vetted to ensure historical accuracy. They have been drawn from reported eye-witness accounts, well-documented written and oral histories, as well as from the work of highly regarded paranormal researchers. Not only will you hear about the hauntings of all the locations, but you will also come to understand why those places are haunted and the disturbing histories that gave rise to such strange phenomena. Each location on the tour has been curated by local paranormal experts to offer you a unique and fascinating tour of the spooky underbelly of San Antonio history.

Perhaps you are a skeptic. Perhaps you don’t believe in ghosts. With our historical research, we aim to provide solid evidence of paranormal activity, turning even the most hardened skeptics into believers. Who knows? You may even have your own first-hand paranormal experience when you take the tour!

Learn while having fun! Our tours are both educational and highly thrilling and entertaining

  • A spooky, good time! Our tours are designed to provide maximum chills and thrills.
  • Fascinating history and stunning architecture! See some beautiful architecture and learn the unedited version of San Antonio history – the history they don’t teach in schools or on your average city tour.
  • Something different! Don’t get stuck just doing the same old tourist stuff. Venture off the beaten path and see a side of San Antonio you don’t typically get to see on your average city tour.
  • Group fun and excitement! When you take one of our ghost tours, you and a group of people embark on a collective experience of the supernatural, which adds to the thrill factor!
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Why is San Antonio So Haunted?

The long, troubled, and bloody history of San Antonio forms the energetic trauma that produces an environment ripe for hauntings. Shocking murders, gruesome wars, tragic deaths, and disturbing occurrences all contribute to the history of this city. San Antonio’s distinctive combination of Mexican, Native American, and American cultures is unique to the city. With such a diverse and far-reaching history, it is no wonder why San Antonio is regarded as one of the spookiest and most haunted cities in the nation. Most of the ground around downtown, where the legendary Battle of the Alamo occurred, is actually a graveyard where hundreds of bodies were littered like dry leaves. Buildings that operate as hotels today were once full-scale hospitals where hundreds of people died of illness and disease. All-consuming fires, shocking murder sprees, and terrible suicides all contribute to San Antonio’s rich tapestry of unpleasant history.
In order to understand why San Antonio is so haunted, a trip through history is necessary. However, this is not a trip through history that you want to take alone. Our tours give you the collective experience of learning about the spooky side of San Antonio history, but in a fun and engaging format that is guaranteed to thrill you and your family and friends.