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The Alamo Ghost

The Alamo

Posted on January 26, 2020

The Alamo is the big-ticket item. If you're a tourist and it's your first time in San Antonio, then visiting the Alamo is a must. Not doing so is akin to going to Paris and then forgetting to give the... Read More

Brisco Western Ghosts

Briscoe Western Art Museum

Posted on January 25, 2020

There's always been a love-love relationship between museums and ghosts. Between those two entities, there really is no blood loss. Maybe it has to do with the fact that museums are nothing more than ... Read More

Victoria’s Black Swan Inn

Posted on January 24, 2020

Where do I begin? The truth is that this place might as well be studied as a whole course in any would-be parapsychology class. The Victoria Black Swan Inn is steeped in tradition, lore, and romantic ... Read More

Freeman_coliseum ghosts

Freeman Coliseum

Posted on January 23, 2020

On October 27, 1858, the human species evolved. In a wild tangent of Homo Sapien, a mutant gene attacked the genome of a gestating child and when that spawn sprung forth from his mother's womb the chi... Read More

train tracks san antonio ghosts

Ghost Tracks

Posted on January 20, 2020

Rarely do you get from an anthropological point of view something like San Antonio's Ghost Tracks. It's a perfect example of an urban legend, but unlike others of its kind, you can actually trace its... Read More

Huebner-Onion Homestead

Huebner-Onion Homestead

Posted on January 19, 2020

Not all ghost stories start off with a grizzly murder or some deranged bit of humanity showing off why it's such a cruel species... some ghosts stories are tossed onto the barbecue pit of history, to ... Read More

Our Lady Of The Lake

Posted on January 18, 2020

Fever minds spun fever dreams... and, when said, minds go off to college - the eager savage ape of experimentation riding their backs - prepare, for all hell will break loose. College as a whole ... Read More

Hollering Creek

Posted on December 29, 2019

From The Dallas Morning NewsEvery good urban legend, particularly the nasty ones with teeth, claws and a bit of ectoplasm, have a couple of things in common:They need to be vague. You can't ... Read More

Suicide Oak

Posted on December 26, 2019

Lynching, suicide, hanging, tarring, even staking, trees seem to have slowly become an essential gimmick in horror stories. There's a mystic to them and, well, let's be honest as humans we've used tho... Read More

SouthTown Hauntings

The Hauntings at SouthTown

Posted on December 23, 2019

Why Is SouthTown so haunted? SouthTown is the end result of a mad dash rush by high-rise entrepreneurs trying make a killing. A million little investment firms gobbling up cheap real-estate, flipping... Read More