Tour Preview

While we understand that you want to have a preview of what is going to happen on your upcoming ghost tour, we also want to keep some surprises in store for you. The preview below includes a few stops to give you an idea of the fun to come, but also withholds enough details to maintain the suspense of your upcoming tour. We save the scariest details for the tour!

What is on my ghost tour?

The Alamo

No tour of San Antonio would be complete without a trip the site of one of the most famous battles in Texas history – the Alamo. Constructed as a Spanish mission and later repurposed as a military outpost, the Alamo became the stuff of legend in 1836, when a band of defenders stood their ground and made their final stand here against General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna and his encroaching Mexican army. By now, you know the stories of bravery and sacrifice, but what you don’t know is the gruesome and chilling details of the aftermath of the bloody Battle of the Alamo and what makes this site one of the most haunted spots in the entire United States.

The Menger Hotel

Opulence meets comfort at one of San Antonio’s oldest and most famous hotels. Guests can stay in luxurious suites and enjoy the finest amenities at this prime location in the heart of downtown San Antonio. But there’s something that the front desk clerk won’t tell you upon checking in. The Menger Hotel has a long and gruesome history associated with it. Find out what dark secrets are buried within the walls of this palatial hotel. What are those banging sounds in the hallways late at night? Was it your imagination or did you see someone – or something – rounding the corner up ahead. All will be revealed on our tour through one of the most haunted hotels in the United States.

The Majestic Theater

For a fun night of theater and entertainment, you cannot beat the Majestic Theater. Live music, Broadway shows, and comedy tours are just a few of the highlights of this renowned and historic theater venue. The interiors are stunningly beautiful, leaving visitors with the false impression that the Majestic Theater is all lights, camera, and glamour. The truth is far darker and more troubling. Discover the frightening truth behind the glamour and how that disturbing history still haunts the theater to this very day.

The Tower Life Building

No view of the San Antonio skyline would be complete without the Tower Life Building, one of the most iconic buildings in San Antonio. Though it is called the Tower Life Building, visitors would be shocked at the amount of death that surrounds the history of this tower. The Tower Life Building has a long history of unusual and decidedly unpleasant happenings. Find out why the building has such an insidious presence within the city and how some unfortunate people came to know firsthand just how far down it is from the top to the concrete pavement below.